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EDS rocking the first tournaments of the year!

What a start to this new academic year! We are particularly proud to see that the new members are that enthusiastic and motivated, our spots for tournaments fill up super-fast. What’s next?

Review Leiden Novice

As a first year debater it was recommended to me (more than once) to participate in Leiden Novice. Leiden Novice is a tournament specifically (you guessed it) for the novice debater. At first I was reluctant...

Visit our Monday Evening Debates!

For those interested in debating: We gather every monday evening (except during holidays) in T3-16 at 18:45 for two rounds of debating. You are very welcome to come visit us if you are interested. We will help you to understand the game and team you up with an experienced debater in order to get you going. Anyone is welcome to visit us on monday evenings!

This website is set up by Mateusz Grabara & Haralds Lipsnis from EDS Promotions Committee during board year 2014/2015.