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Welcome to the website of the Erasmus Debating Society. EDS is an independent Rotterdam-based debating society, the oldest in the Netherlands. Founded in 1989, it has become one of Europe’s most successful and well-known debating societies. The Erasmus Debating Society is the best place for all people to learn how to speak confidently, give thorough analyses on all subjects and most of all: how to have fun while debating! We are an open and informal society with most of our members being students at Erasmus University. Because we have many international members our weekly debating evenings are generally conducted in English. We pride ourselves on being a big family for all those who share our passion for speeches, on being the best thing that ever happened to those people who at first did not yet feel like they were confident speakers.

Students and debaters

Every Monday we have a debate evening consisting of two debating rounds and a social drink afterwards. These evenings are held in the Mandeville building room T3-16 on Campus Woudestein at 18:30. Besides our regular debates on Monday we travel around the world for competitions, organize various workshops to improve your skills, and have fun at many amazing socials. You can check out the Facebook plugin on this page for updates and upcoming events. Note that our social events don’t show up there as they are handled in a private group.

Other societies

As one of the Erasmus University student organizations we are always open to a collaboration with other societies. In addition we offer training related to debating, critical thinking, and public speaking. More information can be found here.

Companies and organizations

Being a successful debating society we offer training by European debating champions. This can be public speaking, critical and analytical thinking, or specific training for debating. More information can be found here.

Please take a look at our website to get an impression of our society. If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to send an email to: info@debate.nl. If you have any remarks concerning the website or its content, send an email to: marketing@debate.nl.