New year, still rocking tournaments

It’s time for another update on our tournament activities! We’ve been quite busy since January and there’s much more to come this year.

Late January we send teams and judges to Trinity Women’s Open and Trinity IV in Dublin. While Miglė Povilėnaitė and Cindy Wilhelm went to both, they were joined by Becky Mikova and Pelle Keulen, Mira-Lika Gutsche and me, Sabir Ikram, and Fenna ten Haaf for Trinity IV. Trinity College and Dublin itself are truly beautiful and we had lots of fun. Everyone did a great job. Becky and Pelle did especially amazing and managed to reach the ESL final.

On Saturday the 4th of February Cindy Wilhelm and Simone Hoogveld of our lovely T&D committee went out of their way to host the EDS Internal Tournament of 2017. We got the amazing external CAs Jelte Schievels and Marike Breed. Together with many external judges they made this tournament worthy of repetition. Emma van der Horst reached the finals and became the best speaker of the tournament while ironmanning every round. Miglė Povilėnaitė, Michael Tai, Jelle van Eijk, and I also reached the finals, only to be beaten by Pelle Keulen and Becky Mikova. Fenna ten Haaf managed to become the best novice speaker. We are very proud of the many EDS members and external judges/CAs who managed to show up at 9 am on a Saturday.

The Bonapartiaans Debat Toernooi was held in Amsterdam on February 11. We send quite a large delegation to this tournament held in Dutch. We had Jelle van Eijk and Julia Sendula, Wieger Maris and Joeri Willems, Luuk Nugteren and Britt van Lochem (Zaanlands Lyceum), and Emma van der Horst and Jeroen Wijnen (LDU). Everyone did really well. Emma and Jeroen managed to reach the quarters, and Wieger and Joeri managed to reach the finals!

Sabir Ikram, Fenna ten Haaf, Urmi Pahladsingh, Serife Kurul, Kevin Kerk, Byron Dolon, and Hyunku Zuco Kim went to LSESU Open in London in the weekend of February 11 and 12. Here they learned that the London School of Economics really loves their statistics. They also got a nice reminder of how great Korean food tastes.

Upcoming: Leiden Open, Budapest Open, Tilburg Women’s Open, and more… Check out the tournament map for an overview:

Written by Peter Verloop