EDS rocking the first tournaments of the year!

Time flies and it is already November. But what have we been up to lately?
Myself, representing Internal Training & Development, I have to say (honestly) how happy I am so far with the commitment of our new members.

Already at the beginning of the year, we sent out a large delegation to Roosevelt Open, namely
Naomi de Zeeuw, Sterre Fest, Peter Verloop, Ruben van Berk, Quang Dư, Byron Dolon, Linde Varossieau, Alex Baggerman, Lena Martinović, Fenna ten Haaf, Carlon Knight, Urmi Pahladsingh, Serife Kurul and Michael Dobruskin, and of course our lovely president Migle Povilėnaitė.
Everyone did a fantastic job, but we are particularly proud of Urmi and Serife who represented EDS in the final and who were amazing!

This weekend, we also sent a big delegation of debaters and judges to University College Utrecht Open (UCU), namely Emma van der Horst ,Sabir Ikram, Carlon Knight, Fenna ten Haaf, Quang Dư, Becky Mikova, Mira-Lika Gutsche, Peter Verloop, Pelle Keulen and Michael Dobruskin. And I personally also had the pleasure to join. Why was this tournament fantastic? Yes, they did only charge 2 euros for ½ L beer at the social and please us with music masterpieces such as Backstreet Boys and classical David Guetta symphonies. But there were some other highlights. Carlon iron-maned the entire tournament as a beginner and he did exceptionally well! Migle and Emma broke as judges! Becky became 4th best individual novice speaker! Our former president, Luuk Nugteren, was a fantastic tab-master! But, most and foremost, Pelle and Becky won the novice final! It was incredibly exciting and we are extremely proud.

What a start to this new academic year! We are particularly proud to see that the new members are that enthusiastic and motivated, our spots for tournaments fill up super-fast. What’s next?
For the first time again after a while, we are sending a delegation to Oxford. We are also sending teams to Tilbury House IV (Cologne) in around 2 weeks, as well as teams to Lund IV and to Trinity IV and Trinity Women in Dublin. Stay tuned, this year will be a promising one for sure and we cannot wait to share our upcoming tournament stories with you!

And don’t forget: If you would like to go to tournaments, send an email to eds.board@gmail.com and be quick!

Written by Cindy Wilhelm