External services

We can help you on several ways, for example by giving training, by helping you to organize a debate or to provide you with a good discussion leader. But whatever you wish, we can tailor to your specific needs. To give you a small impression:

Debating and skills training

In debating training we aim to teach participants how to debate and to make them enthusiastic for it. We do this in several debating formats, such as the informal “Lagerhuis” model to the more formal British Parliamentary model. This training can be combined with a tournament afterwards that we can also organize for you. With our experience of hosting tournaments for over a 100 people we will be able to run it professionally. This specific kind of training also develops analytical skills and the tournament will help to practice public speaking. We also offer training in specific skills related to debating and public speaking. Think about presentation (body language etc.), argumentation, analytical skills, critical thinking, speech structure, negotiation skills and so on.

Event organization and discussion moderation

If you’re planning to host a debate or a discussion but lack some of the experience in making sure it all runs smoothly we are definitely able to help out. We have a lot of experience with participating in debates, organizing debates, and moderating debates.

In the past we’ve already organized various workshops on debating and communication skills for Erasmus University students from Public Administration, Business Administration, and Psychology. We have also taught the course Debating Skills at the University College Rotterdam, which was concluded with a tournament. In terms of events we are proud to say that we’ve been organizing and hosting international events like DAPDI and ERO for several years now. These are just some examples of what we can offer you or your organization.


We usually ask a fee to third parties for our services. The income of the T&D goes directly to the Erasmus Debating Society. The money is used to update our training materials and to partially finance the participation of members in (inter)national debating tournaments.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions about the activities of the T&D committee. We will be more than happy to assist you in combining your ideas and wishes into a successful workshop or training. You can send an email to: info@debate.nl.