Training and development

Besides the regular Monday evening debates there’s more the society has to offer in order to train and develop your debating skills.


Workshops are given by experienced debaters or people knowledgeable in certain fields. They serve to show you new ways to form arguments, win debates, and be awesome in general. Other times they provide you some much needed background information into difficult topics. Previous workshops can be found under the resources section, or by clicking this link.

At the start of each semester we also hold a workshop for beginners. These workshops are meant to explore debating. Usually we start with an introduction to debating, followed by actual debating and a drink at the local bar. You can check the Facebook page for upcoming workshops for beginners.

Debate Reviews

The debate reviews are given by members from our society who wish to share with you their knowledge into certain topics. Previous debate reviews can also be found under the resources section, or by clicking this link.

The Academy

In the academy you can find the most motivated and committed debaters in our society who want to become the best debaters as fast as possible. Through extra workshops and opportunities to practice those who join the academy will surely do well. Information on the current Academy can be found here.


The Dutch Anglosaxon Parliamentary Debating Institute (DAPDI) is a combination of high quality workshops and a tournament organized through a joint effort of the Erasmus Debating Society and the Oxford Union. This events provides the best possible trainers combined with the most motivated debaters from all parts of the world. It is usually organized during the summer. For more information and updates you can check out the DADPI Facebook page.