Free beginners workshops

Have you always wished to be persuasive in discussions? To win the arguments with your friends by insightful analysis and effective communication skills? Or maybe you just want to have an intelligent conversation once in a while?

Erasmus Debating Society offers you an opportunity to experience all of that by learning to debate. It is more than a discussion – it is a structured interactive game, providing you with an abundance of ways to improve both your professional and personal self.

The free workshops for beginners take place at the start of each semester and consist of a crash course in debating, where professional trainers will teach you the art of argumentation, making a speech and understanding the debates so you can perform successfully in your first debating tournament!

You can check the events section on the Facebook page to see when the next workshops for beginners are.

Are you eager to debate but unable to join the workshops? No worries! – we debate every Monday at 18:30 on T3-16, so do not hesitate and join us!