The Academy

Like any activity in life, debating can be seen either as a fun hobby, or as a competitive “sports”. EDS has the long tradition of offering the academy to its members, where the particularly motivated debaters who want to become excellent debaters can acquire additional intense knowledge and practice. In these sessions, the members are trained in order to become outstanding debaters who will represent EDS at (inter-)national tournaments and make the society perform well and live up to its high standards. New EDS members who are highly motivated and committed to the society, and to becoming a competitive debater, are encouraged to apply. In their application, they outline their motivation and long-term commitment. A small number (maximum of 10) of applicants is then selected at the beginning of the academic year. Experienced EDS trainers, as well as external trainers from other societies give interactive workshops and training sessions on extra days, next to regular EDS Mondays. External trainers either offer the sessions in Rotterdam, or the sessions are held via Skype in case of European trainers outside of the Netherlands. Currently, academy members receive training from the Scottish EUDC Team. Moreover, members are expected to attend at least five tournaments per academic year. Through this extensive training, combined with the practice on Monday evenings, and most importantly, due to the tournament experience, the academy members should be able to do well at tournaments and to be potential future trainers themselves after one year.

If you have questions about the academy, or if you are a trainer yourself and would like to contribute to our academy, contact us via

The Academy 2016 – 2017

received_10208220466578352Byron Dolon, Fenna ten Haaf, Afonso Boavida Rodrigues, Theresa Rieger, Nam Quang Du, Michael Dobruskin, Pelle Keulen, Hyunku Zuco Kim, Carlon Knight, Becky Mikova