The Academy

The Academy is a long tradition of EDS, where the particularly motivated members who want to become excellent debaters can acquire additional knowledge and intense practice in weekly sessions. We are looking for newer members who are committed to debate with EDS in the upcoming three years, and who are highly motivated to becoming a competitive debater.

The application for the academy of 2017-2018 has currently closed.

If you have questions about the academy, or if you are a trainer yourself and would like to contribute to our academy, contact Fenna ten Haaf and Michael van Gelder via

The Academy 2016 – 2017

received_10208220466578352Byron Dolon, Fenna ten Haaf, Afonso Boavida Rodrigues, Theresa Rieger, Nam Quang Du, Michael Dobruskin, Pelle Keulen, Hyunku Zuco Kim, Carlon Knight, Becky Mikova