The Erasmus Debating Society is, as the name says, a society revolved around debating. This page shows you what debating is, and why you should do it.


Debate is a form of argument that does not serve to reconcile differences. Through debate people try to have a third party judge and support their case. The difference from public speaking in general is that the judgment is not merely based on rhetoric. Debates are judged on the depth of analysis and how this analysis compares between cases. How a debate goes depends on its form. In EDS, and many of the international tournaments around the world, most debates are held in the British Parliamentary (BP) debate format. In these debates 4 teams of 2 speakers each debate a motion with speeches ranging from 3 to 7 minutes. The motion, roles and speech times are defined before the debate takes place. A panel of adjudicators judges the debate. This also means that members will be trained in both debating as well as judging. Since debating is best understood and learned through practice, we suggest you to come by on the coming Monday evening at 18:30 so you can try it out for yourself. If you’re not excited yet, the following paragraphs will tell you why you should definitely come debate with us.

Develop your analytical and critical thinking skills

Practicing debating will help you to convince people that you are right based on your flawless argumentation. Our society offers workshops that will help to improve your analysis and it will also teach you the basic structure of a good argument. Besides that, you practice the argumentation skill when visiting our weekly debates and this will speed up the process of finding and developing arguments. This skill will help you with you study as well as your job afterwards. Once you are a frequent visitor of our Monday evenings you will notice that essays can be written very fast. We train our members in thinking fast and thinking thoroughly. This skill can be practiced in our debating evenings as well as our workshops.

Develop your communication skills and language proficiency

Our society helps you to find a way to speak in public fluently and without any flashcards. We train our members in structuring their speech and in diminishing their nerves before having to speech in front of an audience. These skills will come in handy once you have to give speeches as a supervisor or at social activities thanking the organization. We do not require our members to have a certain level of English before they can join our society. Our members are from a variety of countries and everyone has different accents. Having to speech and listen in English every week will help you to develop you language skills. It is also possible to participate in Dutch and German tournaments on behalf of our society which can you help improve those languages as well. To practice for those debates we will organize a debating round in that language. These languages skills are highly valued by companies. Since you are participating in a team, debating will teach you how to trust your team partner’s skills as well as to work together efficiently. In today’s society this is something you will always need.

Challenge yourself, travel, and have fun!

As a debating society we participate in many international tournaments by sending teams and judges. If you truly want to see what you’re made of and evaluate your competence we highly recommend you to join us in debating competitions. But it’s not all work, study, practice, and competition. Taking part in debating places you in an international environment where you’ll meet people from all over the world. You’ll travel to various international tournaments, explore the cities in which they’re located, and enjoy the parties that come included.

For more information about what debating is and how to debate you can check out the debating resources page.