The board

To contact anyone in the current board please send an email to or harass them on facebook.

The current XXVIIth board

President: Miglė Povilėnaitė
11231988_10200493141888145_588947858_o-003A little bit about Miglė… I am fascinated by the novels of Italian authors, neuroplasticity, and never-ending conversations about the beauty of human irrationality, which Hogwarts House we’d belong to and how to help EDS grow as a diverse albeit tight-knit community.
When to contact her… Reach out to me if you are interested in the vision of EDS, possible cooperation projects or debating the meaning of life.

Secretary: Naomi de Zeeuw
naomiA little bit about Naomi and the position of secretary…I am Naomi and I am the secretary of EDS. As the secretary I take care of lots of little tasks like managing the members list, taking minutes of meetings, making the Monday evening slides, booking rooms and making sure all the emails are either answered by me or forwarded to the right people so they can answer the email, etc. I am also the chair of the socials committee, so I’m responsible for all the non-debating activities of the society.

Treasurer: Sterre Fest
A little bit about Sterre…Hi! I’m Sterre and primarily known as the foto voor eds websitetreasurer of EDS. This means I take care of all the financial things, like creating the budget and keeping track of all our transactions. Besides that I make su
re that we reserve team spots for tournaments.
When to contact her…So everyone that is interested in going to a tournament, don’t hesitate to come and talk to me! Lastly, this year I have the honor of organizing the Dutch National
Championships. This doesn’t have much to do with my board position, but if you’re interested in joining this committee, you now know who to go to.

Previous boards

The XXVIth board with president Luuk Nugteren, secretary Miglė Povilėnaitė, treasurer Jelle van Eijk, and commissioner of internal affairs Tamara Kool