The Board

To contact anyone in the current board please send an email to or contact them on Facebook.

The current XXIX Board

President: Sterre Fest

sterre“Hi! My name is Sterre Fest and I am a third year student at the Erasmus University College, majoring in Economics. I started debating in high school, and really enjoyed how much better I got in talking in front of a large group of people and working out my argumentation. What I like most about debating is that you cannot always defend your own opinion, which has helped me to become more open minded.

Within EDS I am the president. This means that I am in charge of managing the board and the committees of EDS. For people that are not a member, but would still like to learn more about debating, I am the person you are looking for! I am in charge of the External Training & Development, which means that we collaborate with a lot of societies, high schools and companies to organise workshops and events in relation to debating.”

Secretary: Lena Martinović


“My name is Lena, and I am the secretary of EDS. My tasks include communication with the members, as well managing the members list, taking minutes of meetings, making the slides for Monday evening and booking rooms. My other tasks include being the tournament officer, so if you are interested in attending a tournament, or if you have questions about upcoming tournaments, you can always approach me.

I am also the chair of the socials committee, so I am responsible for all the non-debating activities of EDS. Lastly, while not a secretary task per se, I am also the chair of Erasmus Rotterdam Open. So if you have questions about organizing a tournament, you can always message me!”

Treasurer: Fenna ten Haaf

fenna“My name is Fenna, I am a second year student doing a bachelor in Econometrics. I am currently the treasurer of the board, which means that I am responsible for the budget, and all the money that goes in and out of the society. Therefore if you have any questions about the membership fee or paying for tournaments, I am the one to go to! Aside from that I am also part of Training and Development, which means that I help organise workshops about all kinds of topics, as well as our awesome internal tournament and our beginners’ workshops at the start of the year.

I love debate because it helps significantly with public speaking skills, but also because it’s just very fun and challenging! So if you feel like talking about debate or if you havehave any questions about finding resources to improve, don’t hesitate to approach me :)”

Previous boards

The XXVIII board with president Miglė Povilėnaitė, secretary Naomi de Zeeuw and treasurer Sterre Fest